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AfterLife: The Grimoire

Core Rulebook

SKU: AL1001

The sacred text of the Realm of the Dead, with all of the rules and information of to help new denizens survive after death.

This item has not been released, yet.

About AfterLife: The Grimoire

Set in the Realm of the Dead, players control characters who have died and passed on. From the Realm of the Dead, players act as the conscience and little voices in people's heads to influence the actions of the living. At the same time, they work to undo or prevent the efforts of those who align themselves with Darkness, and the ill-influences of those who refuse to cross over.

AfterLife™ will feature the FLUX play system, and will be compatible with other FLUX-based RPGs for lots of crossover fun!

AfterLife and FLUX are trademarks of Infinite Monkeys Games. AfterLife is © Copyright 2016 Infinite Monkeys Games.


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